Your best moments are definitely not when you are sick. But sickness happens sometimes and you have no other choice than to get better quickly. One of the common questions people ask is what foods can I eat when sick? This is a good question of course and there are good options of foods out there to suit your kind of ailment. Here is an answer to your question of what easy-to-cook foods to eat when sick?

Shall we?

  1. Fish soup

Fish soup is delicious and often taste good when you are sick. You will need a little time out of your evening to prepare this soup and you will not regret it. You will need a blended mixture of peppers, tomatoes and onions. Boil the needed fish and set it aside. Put some oil on fire till it’s hot and pour the blended mixture. Add salts and seasoning. Allow it to cook before adding the boiled fish.

This will take about an hour to prepare, so it is better to reserve for that period when you have a little strength to handle things like blending and waiting.

A Guide to Healthy Foods to Eat when Sick
Fish Stew

2. Smoothie

Once you have all the ingredients in your fridge, a smoothie would be ready in the number of minutes it would take the fruits to blend. Choose your favourite fruits. It is essential to make use of fruits such as green apple, spinach leaves, pineapple, fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves, and a cup of fresh orange juice. This will help with your body and you can make it in less than five minutes.

A Guide to Healthy Foods to Eat when Sick
Watermelon Smoothie

3. Popcorn

You might have enjoyed eating popcorn in cinemas. When you are sick, a bowl of it can be a good thing for your hungry stomach. They contain fibre and are antioxidants. You don’t need to need to prepare them yourself. Simply grab them and enjoy. Its one of the great foods to eat when sick.

4. Oatmeal

With some milk and some spoons of your favourite oats brand, you will not stay hungry all evening. Keep the ratio of oats to that of liquid to be 1:2. To make the taste better, add some salts and spicy.

5. Egg bread toast

You know toasting bread is quite easy. But making egg bread toast is not only easy but it will give you some of the needed vitamins during the sick days. Enjoy the toast bread and egg and while it is hot. You can add ingredients that you will enjoy such as tomatoes, pepper or mushroom.

A Guide to Healthy Foods to Eat when Sick
Bread and Egg

6. Hot tea and snacks

When you are having a cold or flu, tea can be a good thing to have. Keep it hot and enjoy with a simple snack of your choice. The tea is the focus here so keep it rich and healthy. Do not take cold tea. Hot tea is the natural decongestant you need for cold and flu.

7. Beef or lamb

Preparing beef could not be a challenge. Take it as a form of leisure activity you need at this moment, a kind of distraction. The meat is rich in zinc which will help your immune system strong. If frying the beef seems like a lot of work, boil them all together and make it into a soup.

8. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is another foods to eat when Sick. It is healthy and filled with vitamins, protein, minerals and calories. These are nutrients you actually need in large quantity. Just like the fish soup in number one, keep the kitchen soup a bit spicy for your pleasure and to help your health.

A Guide to Healthy Foods to Eat when Sick
Chicken Peppersoup

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