There are a series of important question that you need to ask about vitamins. Let’s start with a simpler one: Should you take a vitamin every day?

We all have heard about the nutrients required in our body. Vitamin is one and taking them regularly might seem a wise decision until there are reasons not to. Some people are of the opinion that taking vitamins is not their thing. To every decision you make, it is good to know why and what it means for you personally. If you are not taking vitamins every day, why is that?

In this post, you will find answers to the questions about using vitamins. Not everybody that walks into a drug store to ask for vitamin supplements needs to.

So, let’s start.

Why you need Vitamin Every Day?

  1. For ageing people

The body of an ageing person demands a level of nutritional needs. This is not as easy as the body ages because it becomes a little difficult for such an ageing body to extract nutrients from food like it used to do. Using drugs or other medication can be a bad idea for an ageing body but with vitamin every day, the deficiency can be corrected.

2. It helps the heart function properly

Among the leading cause of death in the US is heart disease and studies say some kind of vitamins helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases. Some of the vitamins that help with heart disease include Vitamin B6, B2, K1 and B3 etc.

3. Strengthen your immune system

A strong immune system means your system will handle or fight the simple health issues that weigh some people down. Vitamin E and D are known for boosting the body immune system.

4. Reduction in the risk of cancer

Lower risk of cancer is associated with the taking of vitamins, says a study. Multivitamin supplements help ageing people in reducing the risk of cancer.

5. Develop healthy hair and skin

Vitamin c, Biotin, and vitamin B3 help you develop a fuller hair. you can take a little further by consuming Vitamin A, E, and CoQ10

6. Better eyes

Some vitamins also protect the eyes in a way that an optician could give you a lot of details. According to studies, zeaxanthin and Lutein protect our eyes indirectly from the risk of muscular degeneration. Are vitamins a waste of money, you don’t need to ask again.

7. Increase your energy

Especially vitamins B, some vitamins boost your energy level and make you feel well. This leads to a lower level of anxiety and stress.

8. Vegetarian and vegan needs some amount of multivitamins

Here is a solid truth: our body needs different types of nutrients. Sadly, some of these nutrients are found in animal products. Ignoring animal products may cause a deficiency. This is where multivitamins come handy.

If you look closely at these benefits of vitamins, you might also ask, is it good to take vitamins everyday?

take vitamin every day

Why you don’t need to take multivitamins

  1. They aren’t cover up for bad eating habits

If you have the habit of consuming poor diets, supplements aren’t your escape. The right thing to do would be to eat well. Change your feeding habits rather than consuming a lot of multivitamins. They aren’t magic.

2. They have risks you might not know

Some supplements are adding a level of risk to your diet. You have to ask a doctor before taking supplements to avoid some health risks. Iron supplements, for instance, are said to lead to higher death risk. Vitamin E may lead to an increase in heart failure. So seek professional advice before taking multivitamins.

3. They aren’t drugs

This is one of the mistakes people make. They confuse multivitamins with drugs. When you take vitamin every day, they won’t treat, cure or prevent diseases. There are health benefits of supplements, of course, but they aren’t drugs on their own. So when you ask what vitamins are worth taking, you are seeking the health benefits. Not for their healing powers; they actually don’t have.

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